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Heat Shrink Terminals Info

Heat Shrink pre-insulated terminals, connectors and disconnects protect against the most challenging of environments, making the best moisture protection available. They offer several advantages over conventional unsealed products.

Corrosion Resistance:

The adhesive-lined heat shrink material, when properly crimped and shrunk, provides a seal resistant to water, salt, steam and other related contaminants.

Improved Mechanical Performance:

The adhesive lined heat shrink tubing adheres, when shrunk, to both the connector and the wire insulation providing improved pullout strength and strain relief.

Durable Heat Shrink Tubing:

Tough heat shrink tubing effectively resists abrasion, scoring, cut-through, and the effects of long term aging.

Versatile and Easy to Use:

Heat shrink terminals, splices and disconnects are available in wire sizes 1610 AWG and can be installed easily with a recommended tool and heat source.

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